October 29, 2014

Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs is an unique novel in and of itself.

You have Tyler and Gertie who have been best friends practically all their lives who move onto the girlfriend/boyfriend mode seamlessly. What you don't realize is Gertie has a Gram who writes a weekly column for the Daily Indian Journal, titled Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs. This book is not what it seems and I happen to love surprising my readers like this.

As a reader you will laugh, cry and be shocked by certain revelations.

Readers, would you like to get a dose of Gram and one of her columns? Here's one from the Prologue. Please be aware it is unedited.

Sunday, July 19, 2008
Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs
Citizens of Eufaula, Drama Mama here and I’m going to tell you two chewable delicious bone-worthy reads releasing this week.
Trenda Jacobson’s, Wronged is projected to jump the top charts quickly. Trenda brings in Alan Bird. A quiet man who had very few friends growing up. Not because he others didn’t like him, no, he was a loner. This behavior kept him away from the real world. With littler interaction with the outside world as an adult, and an experimental scientist, he found his joy in pain. Not his pain, but others. The FBI has been hunting Alan for years-almost a decade before they discover his underground lab. When the violent acts are uncovered, will the FBI agents be able to find Alan and most importantly, will they be able to escape being next in line?
This next one is going to be a must read. Deliberate Intentions by Renee Gilbert is best described as a modern day Romeo and Juliet-only worse. The two main characters, Mike and Lauren, are high school sweethearts. Mike is two years older, goes to a local community college so that he can stay close to his girlfriend. He makes sacrifice after sacrifice to stay with her. Problem is, she doesn’t. Lauren is brilliantly manipulating Mike as her puppet. This story looks at the problems with young-dumb love and how two teens practically escape a bright future because they are in too much of a rush to get married. Lauren does something very sneaky to seal the deal. Something that has great consequences for both of them. Will they get the love and support from their families when everything becomes clear? This one is sure to touch readers of many generations.
Quickly, I would like to take a quick moment to thank my readers for their support and enjoyment of this unconventional column. This marks my fifty-secondth column as Drama Mama. For one year, I’ve created quite a stir in the reader, author and publishing world and enjoyed every bit of it. I appreciate all the comments and can’t wait to see what we discover over the next fifty-two posts.
Okay, now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way. Let’s get onto the good stuff. People you interact with on a regular basis can be compared to dogs. You know you have thought about it before. It can be a coworker, friend or possibly a family member. Either way, canine behavior isn’t exclusive to its kind. Take for instance Chihuahuas. They are small and look so innocent, but the moment you piss them off, they are attacking the leg of your pants or hiking their leg on your furniture to show you who the real boss is.
These are the true bullies of the world. Why? Because the moment you stop cuddling with your pocket pet, they turn on you. Let's have a look at the monstrous Pitbull. They're big, muscular frame has many scared to death of them. They were born with strong jaws that match their strong bodies. But guess what? They aren't going to turn on you like those little Mexican things. No, they will lick you to death and play for hours. So, when I'm looking for someone to be in my corner, I'd rather have the one that looks vicious on the outside but has a heart of gold as opposed to the one that looks cute and cuddly but can turn into a biting piranha at any moment.

So there you have it. Drama Mama's paw print. Until next week, keep your eyes open for those ankle biters and thanks for reading Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs.

You will also get a chance to hear Cujo, the dog on the cover, and how he thinks of his humans. It's a sweet story, but a lesson on life as well. Messages are hidden everywhere that can benefit not just readers, but authors as well.

I hope you enjoyed Gram's column post. There are a number of them throughout the book.


L.U. Ann

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