January 2, 2018


Revengeance coming 2018!

For the past six years.
The images return.
They’re uninvited.
One might think she should expect it by now. But that would mean she’s accepted fate.
Meredith chooses to live in an illusion. A charade. Deceiving herself from the truth that she is drowning in a secret. She pushes herself in an appeasement of false realities where she only has time for her career as a lawyer representing victims of domestic violence.
After tragedy struck in high school, leaving her intimidated, isolated and always looking over her shoulder, she finds deceiving comfort in micro-managing every aspect of her life: school, social life, career… to her nonexistent love life. But that changes the night Meredith is introduced to Andre, a criminal lawyer. The very thing she detests: negligible, worthless and distasteful.
Will she vow to let go of fear, revenge and vengeance and allow this conflicting man to be the breadth and depth of gaining her emotional freedom where she can begin to live again? Or will she allow the demons of her past to haunt and dictate her future leaving her even more afraid of tomorrow? Her choice will be made as wavering secrets become revealed in what happened that dreadful night. A decision demanding resolution, but is never without a consequence.
A tale of powerless fear, passion and revenge. Revengeance is hauntingly dark, romantic, and an intriguing suspenseful read. Subject matter may be too much for some readers. This standalone novel is intended for mature audiences.
You can read a few chapters through Wattpad by clicking here.

LU Ann

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